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Hadley Family Dentistry


            Let us help you through a stressful time.  

Dear Doctors:

I would like to introduce myself, Steven, and my wife Shari Hadley. We are dentists who shared a general practice in Lincoln Nebraska for 27 years. We are both graduates of the U.N.M.C. College of Dentistry. We sold our practice in May of 2010 and are now offering our services as temporary, substitute dentists.  Starting in 2017 we will be offering our services in the Eugene Oregon area.

When a situation arises in which a solo dentist is suddenly unable to practice dentistry it creates an extremely stressful situation for the dentist and their family.  We want to be available to help these dentists keep their practices viable during their recovery period.  We know from past experience that this greatly reduces stress for everyone involved in the effected dentist's practice.  Especially the Dentist.

We are available to fill in for you. In this capacity we will be there enabling your practice to continue operating.  With the practice taken care of the only thing the dentist has to worry about is getting better and hopefully this will speed recovery.  This allows your employees to keep working and getting paid.  It also greatly reduces the chance that any of your patients will seek emergency dental treatment elsewhere.  It allows the flow of new patients and scheduled hygiene to continue.  Your employees and patients will be your biggest allies in your time of need.  The patients just want to be sure they have someone to take care of them and their family during your recovery.  By keeping your practice active it greatly increases retention of your highly trained and valuable staff members.  We are able to keep practice revenue flowing and your appointment book filled for your return.

Even if you are not sure that you need our services, we would like the opportunity to talk to you. We really enjoy talking to dentists in other areas and comparing notes. If your situation is like most dental practices then it is hard to share all of your thoughts freely with local dentists who are your competition.                                          

You can depend on our complete confidentiality on all issues.

Thank you for taking the time to read this information. 



Dr. Steven L. Hadley



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