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Hadley Family Dentistry


Drs. Shari and Steve are Family Dentists which means we treat patients of all ages and provide many general dental services. These services include:


  •   Root Canals:  Dr Steve does all of the root canals.  He has performed thousands over the last 25 years and in almost all cases they are pain free.
  •   Veneers:  Dr Shari does all of the veneers.  They are the most beautiful and life like anterior restorations available today.
  •  Preventive Dentistry: We can help prevent many small problems inexpensively and keep small problems from becoming big ones.  These preventative appointments also help extend the life of your fillings and help keep you informed of the state of your overall dental health.
  •   Children's Dentistry:  We see hundreds of children yearly.  We provide all types of treatment for our young patients.  We use different words for the supplies and  methods that we use on children.  One example, "getting a shot" is referred to as "squirting on sleepy water" and most children don't even know they are getting an injection.  We find the enthusiasm of children very delightful.
  • Restorative Dentistry: We place only natural, tooth-colored fillings.  Ask about replacing your existing metal fillings with these new ones.
  • Cosmetic Dentistry: In addition to continuing care appointments that include professional cleanings and comprehensive oral examinations, we also provide cosmetic dental services to give our patients beautiful smiles.  We use leading edge materials and techniques to achieve excellent esthetic results.