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                              Hadley Family Dentistry


Steve and Shari Hadley are from Lincoln NE.  We went to school at the UNMC college of dentistry.  We have had a practice together in Lincoln for 27 years.  We recently sold our practice and would like help Dentists in Nebraska and other states be able to take time off without the burden of having to pay the staff and the loss of hygiene production.  If you would like to know how we can help you reduce the stress of taking time off, please contact us at 402-432-8742 or email us at painles1@aol.com.

We are also available to fill in for you if you are temporarily disabled or need maternity leave.  We would love the opportunity to come meet you in your city and get to know one another.  We can guarantee  complete satisfaction with our handling of your precious patients and loyal staff.    We hope to be in your area eventually and stop by to say hello and leave some information.